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Hubba-Wah Womens' Wide Neck Sweatshirt

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This design by Jason Wyatt Frederick is a love letter to the Emmet Outtakes we show every year before we sing! As Ma and Emmet watch, a drum rolls out the door of the music shop in Frogtown Hollow--over and over and over again. None of the takes are right! Emmet finally exclaims, "Hubba-wah!" and puppet genius is born. We've used this expression as an Otter Family for years now, and you can too! Read this Muppet Wiki entry on all the times the phrase has appeared in the Jim Henson universe. The mix of surprise and joy is what we Otters feel every year sharing Paul Williams' music, Jim Henson's genius, and the Hobans' words with you.

I want this!

Supremely soft sponge fleece sweatshirt, printed with love in Chicago at woman-owned Liberation press and designed by Jason Wyatt Frederick.

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